Wygląd Nazwa Arm Drop Quest
Hat of the Mad 1
Post Officers Hat 1
Mystic turban.gif
Mystic Turban 1 Necromancer, Psychomantis
Leather Helmet 1
Chain Helmet 2
Feather Headdress 2
Tribal Mask 2
Charmer Tiara 2
Studded Helmet 2
Brass Helmet 3
Viking Helmet 4
Legion Helmet 4
Soldier Helmet 5
Iron Helmet 5
Horseman Helmet 6
Strange Helmet 6
Steel Helmet 6
Dark Helmet 6
Dwarven Helmet 6
Crown Helmet 7
Devil Helmet 7
Amazon Helmet 7
Crusader Helmet 8
Helmet of the Ancients 8
Warrior Helmet 8
Royal Helmet 9
Winged Helmet 10
Demon Helmet 10
Full Helmet of the Ancients 11
Horned Helmet 11
Golden Helmet 12

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